TayHeardle is an exciting music game that allows you to test your knowledge of Taylor Swift's discography while enjoying friendly competition with your pals. In this game, you'll have six chances to correctly identify a Taylor Swift song based on just a few seconds of the track.

Playing TayHeardle is simple, especially if you're already familiar with Wordle. Each day, you'll be presented with a one-second sample of a Taylor Swift song, and your task is to guess the correct title. For each incorrect answer, you'll gain an additional second of the track, helping you narrow down your choices.

To make things more interesting, TayHeardle offers a skip button. If you're unsure about a particular song, you can skip to the next second of the track, saving you time and effort.

The clips used in TayHeardle are typically taken from the beginning of the songs, although they may come from any other section. You'll need to enter the correct song name, and the game will provide a list of potential matches. The game resets daily at midnight based on each player's time zone, revealing a new song for the day.

Playing TayHeardle with your closest friends adds an extra layer of enjoyment as you broaden your musical knowledge and deepen your bond through shared experiences. It's an excellent opportunity to have fun, test your Swiftie expertise, and strengthen your friendships. Get ready to embark on a musical journey with TayHeardle and have a blast discovering Taylor Swift's incredible songs!

How to play TayHeardle

Using mouse

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