Angry Guys

At its core, Angry Guys is a catapult of chaos where you take on opponents in a battle of wits and strategy. Your primary task: launching the aptly named Evil Guys with a gargantuan slingshot, aiming to bring down opponents' walls and blockades, with a satisfying boom! Just imagine being an infant beside this monstrous slingshot – this analogy alone should paint the scale of chaos you can create.

This is not just a game about hurling antagonists though; it’s also about mastering the art of trajectory. Every angle counts and every pull of the slingshot matters for successful hits. The physics, combined with the unpredictable nature of each level, make for an intense mix that you’ll absolutely love.

Fall under the mesmerizing spell of one of the most enjoyable fun games around, that perfectly balances destruction and strategy, giving players plenty to ponder upon while they relish in effortless fun. From surprising layout alterations and varying difficulty levels to unexpected power-ups, Angry Guys never ceases to impress!

How to play Angry Guys

Using Mouse.

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