ARAM Guesser

Introducing to ARAM Guesser

ARAM Guesser takes inspiration from the popular Wordle format but dials up the intensity with a League of Legends twist. Players must channel their inner summoner to guess the champions present in a given ARAM match based on limited information. The challenge lies not only in recognizing champions but also deciphering team compositions and predicting the chaos that unfolds in the Howling Abyss.

Insider Tips from RiotBlake

Seeking an edge in the unpredictable world of ARAM Guesser? League of Legends' lead champion designer, Blake 'RiotBlake' Smith, offers a nugget of wisdom. According to RiotBlake, selecting the team with more tanks might just be the key to success. As he humorously notes, "got a bunch correct in a row by just selecting the team with more tanks until [they] picked a team with Tahm Kench/ Volibear/ Miss Fortune that all decided to build full AP." So, when in doubt, trust in the tanks!

ARAM Guesser emerges as the ultimate test of League of Legends knowledge, challenging players to unravel the mysteries of ARAM team compositions and champion lineups. With the option to sync with your Riot account, relive past glory or face old defeats, and a competitive leaderboard to conquer, ARAM Guesser promises an immersive and thrilling experience for League of Legends enthusiasts. Are you ready to dive into the chaos of the Howling Abyss and prove your ARAM expertise? The leaderboard awaits, summoner!

How to play ARAM Guesser

Using mouse.


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