Avoid the Spikes

Avoid the Spikes is an exhilarating game that tests players' reflexes and timing as they navigate a treacherous environment filled with spikes. The goal is simple yet compelling: jump and dodge all the spikes to avoid dying, accumulate scores by touching the walls, and collect gems to unlock new skins in the store.

Gameplay Mechanics and Objectives

The primary objective in Avoid the Spikes is to survive by skillfully jumping and dodging spikes. Each successful touch on the wall not only keeps the player in the game but also adds to their score. This simple mechanic is easy to grasp but challenging to master, providing a perfect balance of accessibility and depth. The increasing difficulty as players progress ensures a constant challenge, making every moment intense and engaging.

Collecting Gems and Unlocking Skins

One of the most enticing features of Avoid the Spikes is the ability to collect gems while jumping. These gems are the currency for unlocking new skins in the store, where 22 unique skins await. This adds a layer of motivation and rewards to the gameplay, encouraging players to keep pushing their limits to gather more gems. The diverse selection of skins allows players to personalize their experience, adding a touch of customization to the game.


How to play Avoid the Spikes

Success in Avoid the Spikes requires precise timing and strategic planning. Players must anticipate the movement of spikes and execute jumps with accuracy. Each move must be carefully considered to maximize wall touches and gem collection while avoiding the deadly spikes


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