Getting Over It

Introducing to Getting Over It

Getting Over It offers a unique and entertaining experience, inviting players to control a charming kitten armed with an extendable hammer. The objective is to traverse the world from one end to the other as quickly as possible, climbing, dodging, and navigating through hundreds of colorful platforms. 

Gameplay Objectives

The core mechanics of Getting Over It revolve around using the extendable hammer to navigate a kitten through a series of platforms. Players must climb, dodge, and maneuver over obstacles, leveraging the hammer to propel themselves forward. The goal is to reach the end of the world in the shortest time possible. However, the game is anything but simple; the complex physics involved make each movement a test of skill and patience.

The Challenge of Physics

One of the most significant aspects of Getting Over It is its reliance on realistic physics. Players must carefully control their movements, as the physics can easily play tricks on them. Each swing of the hammer must be calculated, requiring players to think strategically about how to proceed. The challenge lies in mastering the physics to advance slowly but surely, making progress feel incredibly rewarding.

A Surreal and Exhausting Environment

The environment in Getting Over It is both surreal and exhausting. The colorful platforms and whimsical design create a visually captivating world, while the difficulty of navigating it adds to the game's allure. The surreal atmosphere enhances the experience, making each moment spent climbing and dodging feel like part of a bizarre adventure. The exhaustion comes from the relentless challenge, where a single misstep can result in significant setbacks.


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