Hokkaido Game

Introducing Hokkaido Game

Hokkaido Game is now available on Windows PCs offers a unique and playful twist on the concept of Suika Game. This captivating game is a parody that puts you on a mission to craft the majestic prefecture of Hokkaido. While heavily inspired by Suika Game, Hokkaido Game carves its path by introducing an intriguing new challenge. In Hokkaido Game, you'll find a familiar user interface, reminiscent of Suika Game, but with an exciting twist. Instead of dropping fruits, your task is to stack various Japanese prefectures. Your ultimate objective? To create the glorious prefecture of Hokkaido. The game is a perfect blend of strategy, creativity, and physics, offering a fresh take on the concept of merging and growth.

Hokkaido Game features a diverse array of Japanese prefectures to stack and merge, adding an element of surprise and discovery to your gameplay. Prefectures like Chiba, Saga, Shiga, and many more await your strategic arrangement. Can you bring them together to form the mighty Hokkaido?

How to play Hokkaido Game

Using mouse.


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