Infinite Craft

Introducing to Infinite Craft

Infinity Craft stands as a testament to the boundless creativity within the Minecraft modding community. This remarkable modification seamlessly integrates the iconic Infinity Stones from the Marvel universe into the beloved blocky landscapes of Minecraft. The six stones – Power, Reality, Soul, Time, Mind, and Space – introduce a new dimension to gameplay, allowing players to harness the immense cosmic powers associated with each stone.

The Power Stone, the first gem in the gauntlet, transforms players into formidable entities with nearly unlimited attack damage and enhanced resistance. The Reality Stone adds a touch of whimsy to adventures, granting invisibility and the ability to alter one's size. The Soul Stone promises near invincibility, with nearly unlimited health and fast healing, and the ability to perform a devastating snap if all stones are in the Gauntlet.

Game Play

The Time Stone introduces temporal manipulation, allowing players to fast forward or freeze time strategically. The Mind Stone grants flight capabilities and, when paired with the "HeroesExpansion" mod, unlocks telekinesis for a truly psychic experience. Finally, the Space Stone, echoing the abilities from "HeroesExpansion," enables swift travel through portals, enhancing the exploration aspect of Minecraft.

Infinity Craft offers players a unique opportunity to not only experience the magic of Marvel within the Minecraft universe but also to wield the powers of the cosmos in a blocky sandbox. As players collect and master the abilities of each stone, they embark on an epic journey that blurs the lines between two beloved universes, creating a truly marvelous gaming experience.

How to play Infinite Craft

Using Mouse.

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