Pink is a puzzle game designed to challenge players' sense of analysis and deduction across 25 unique levels. Each level presents a different puzzle, requiring players to use various mechanics and tricks to achieve the objective of making the screen completely pink. The game emphasizes observation and logical thinking, as players must decipher the actions needed to solve each puzzle. For those who get stuck, a helpful hint system is available, offering clues to guide players toward the solution.

How to Win or Achieve Success

Success in Pink is achieved through careful observation and problem-solving skills. Here are some strategies to help players win:

  • Observation: Each level is distinct, with its own set of rules and mechanics. Carefully observe the elements on the screen to understand how they might interact or respond to your actions. Look for patterns, movements, or changes in the environment that could provide clues.
  • Logical Thinking: Use your analytical skills to deduce the steps needed to turn the screen pink. This might involve manipulating objects, following sequences, or discovering hidden interactions. Think critically about each element's role in the puzzle.
  • Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different actions. Try various approaches to see how the elements respond. This trial-and-error method can often lead to discovering the correct solution.
  • Hint System: If you find yourself stuck on a particular puzzle, use the hint system. A small light bulb icon will appear at the top right of the screen after a while, offering a clue to help you progress. Use hints sparingly to maintain the challenge and satisfaction of solving the puzzles on your own.

Key Features

Pink offers several key features that make it an engaging and intellectually stimulating game:

  • Unique Puzzles: Each of the 25 levels presents a unique puzzle with its own logic and mechanics. This variety ensures that the gameplay remains fresh and challenging, as players cannot rely on the same strategies for every level.
  • Visual Appeal: The game’s minimalist design and focus on the color pink create a visually appealing and cohesive aesthetic. The simplicity of the visuals allows players to focus on the puzzles without unnecessary distractions.
  • Interactive Elements: The puzzles often involve interactive elements that players must manipulate to achieve the objective. This interactivity adds a tactile dimension to the game, making the problem-solving process more engaging.



How to play Pink

Using Mouse.


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